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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

As a follow-up to the question of whether it is better in my case not to raise the pulpit where the Ark of the Covenant is located, but only on the floor of the synagogue

This permission was mentioned in the last answers, and it is true that this permission is weak for a priest with shoes, and on the other hand, if one observes the strictness that I wrote in the previous answer, there is no need to observe the strictness that you mentioned.
Even the strictness in the previous verse that the shoes be high is not to be delayed when being careful about the other things.
And also the observance of what is normal in one's city instead of a great need can be made easier since the prevailing meaning in the OT is to feel for it when the shoes are not prohibited.

Sources: The first permit by Titz Eliezer and other arbitrators cited in the above sources.
M.S. on high 25 according to the account due to the prohibition of Nael Dasgi in the other conditions above and Doc.
And as for the usual that the simplicity of the A.C.E.S.A. and M.B. and K.H. seems that the kosher shoes (for the methods that are useful) did not feel.

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