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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Were the cities of the borrowers surrounded by a wall


Sources: In Gm' Varshi and Rag' Sof Arakhin it is explained that it is not, and also some of Rambam's commentators understood Rambam's 11 to be a murderer, and on the other hand in Yerushalmi it means that all the cities listed in the Bible were surrounded, and on this Jerusalemi it seems that the Babylonian in the scroll 5 2 and Shem 11 11 and also another Shem 4 11 disagrees with this.
And in the latter, concerning the Levite cities, it seems that there is a disagreement between the A'ralan and the Hazo'a and the Wil'a about the words of the Aralan.

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