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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is a Hebrew slave allowed to have a Canaanite slave when his slave did not give him up?

There seem to be contradictions in this.

Sources: In the Michilta Darshbi that God in Rambam's slaves and Ramban's laws are that there is no handover to one slave, this means that it is not permissible unless he hands it over to him, and this is what the rabbis of morality used everywhere, and the Maharashal of Rambam was also precise there, but in 3 Dekidushin means that there is no such condition in Ish and Bethos, and the same was stated by the CP for Tamura 4, and the same was stated by the salvation of David according to the Rambam in another place, meaning that it does not depend on the opinion of his rabbi.

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