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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to read a commentary on the Pentateuch that is sometimes interpreted as other interpretations and not only as Rashi's interpretation

The very fact that they wrote a commentary that does not everywhere interpret like Rashi's commentary is not an innovation, there are already several hundred commentaries on the Torah that are not everywhere interpreted as Rashi's commentary, between commentaries before Rashi in the year 33, and between commentaries after it, in the year 2016 And Ramban and Hezkoni and Sphorno, and later Malbim and Naziv and Rashar Hirsch and the Khatab and the Kabbalah and hundreds more such known and unknown ones.

On the contrary, I do not remember at the moment that a commentary on the Torah was ever written by one of the sages of the generations who came to copy the contents of Rashi's commentary or to edit it, but on the other hand, each person wrote what was renewed for him according to the root of his soul and his share of the Torah, and if it is a composition that is supposed to be Mainly collecting from the sails.

And even though our generations are smaller than the previous generations, in the matter of something that is common to say that they are great in wisdom and we are small in wisdom, but something that was not in any generation to say that we will be renewed in our new generation, yes, he must bring evidence.
And if there are those who argue that it seems decisive between the commentators, it is possible to propose a solution to write at the beginning of the book as follows: This composition is not intended to decide between the commentators but only to help the learner understand the simple and easy-to-understand interpretations.

And the 27th is not supposed to but read and peruse the treatise, but as to what the main interpretation is to study it, each one will ask his friends.

And of course, what is being discussed here is not a particular composition, but in general, a composition that is sometimes interpreted as other interpretations, but the question regarding a particular composition, each composition must be discussed on its own merits on the parties that concern it, and the 11th will ask about it as well.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2246

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