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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to eat milk together with fur food that has been cooked in a clean meat pot?

It is forbidden for the Ashkenazi people, and for the Sephardic people it is allowed, and even for them it is forbidden in the first place to cook the fur food in the meat dish in order to eat it afterwards with milk.

Sources: Sho'a and Rama'a C. Tza Sab and Shoch Shem Skag, and in retrospect to the Ashkenazi people if milk was mixed with such a fur food, he would make a wise question, since there are opinions and methods in this such as benzela and slaughtered milk and chicken meat and regarding the sauce Aish in the Shach Skad and in the Rea and PMG on the Shach there and Patash Skab.

Once again, I believe that the Rabbi Gofa in the home inspection disagrees with the Shachak in what he wrote in his opinion and considers that it is even permissible to cook fur food in a meat pot in order to eat it with milk, and it is true that the Shachak brought evidence for his words and that it is explained in the first (the Rabbi Gofia disagrees with the Rivi ) But Ben Sephard who practices as 11 is completely afi' to begin with, he should not be neglected, in particular that the Shichak admits to the matter of diabd (and the Shichak itself saw the Bhabhi as the Pamag brought the Shichak in Aruch, and if he saw before that or not), and even though the latter verses, even the people of Spain, do not rule everywhere as the 20th of what is not in the 20th of the 20th century, here the interpretation of his intention in the 20th century and the revelation of the opinion is,

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 1933

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