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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A person who received Shabbat, and remembers that he did not pay the laborer who finished his work today and asked for his salary, what should he do

Answer: He will not be asked about what he received on Shabbat, but he will ask another person to transfer the money to the laborer, and if it is not possible, he will ask the laborer for permission to pay him later.

Sources: A person who received Shabbat and remembered that he had a laborer who finished his work today and claimed the wages of his work.
There are those who have ordered that he be asked about the acceptance of Shabbat and pay to the worker, however, since there is a disagreement among the arbitrators as to whether it is possible to be asked about it, and in particular some say that the prohibition of goods on Shabbat is from the words of Kabbalah, and according to the Halacha it is ruled that he should provide Kabbalah words to the material, and it is also possible to easily amend as follows, therefore it is better for him to tell his friend to transfer to the laborer the money for him, and if it is not possible to ask the laborer to waive the right of claim that he has to receive the money the day after the claim, then apparently his law will be as a laborer who did not claim what is explained in the Shua that there is no law on his day his wages will be given, and in any case now he will be allowed to pay after Shabbat.

All of this in practice that he claimed earlier, but a worker who claimed his wages only after the landlord accepted the Sabbath, may not have the power to impose a monetary charge on the landlord in the middle of the Sabbath, if it is a Durbanan prohibition, and in particular it is something that can be forgiven (see Thos. Shavuot 3 p. "b) Since the worker can waive the contract from the beginning not to claim, and in particular there are parties in the rulings that after receiving Shabbat is a new day for certain matters, see Ramet's sign at the end, and it is like a worker who claims his wages on the Sabbath, and without that, he is also like a worker who claims his wages on the Sabbath, etc. Q. In the BM L A.A. that they did not delay Isura Makmi Mamuna.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 1555

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