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site common It is a site for questions and answers found in Halacha and is based on interesting questions that arose and were asked every day by different personalities and entities, within the framework of the site and within various frameworks in everyday life.

On this site, you can find a wide variety of questions and answers on various topics, such as: Shabbat, kosher, blessings and prayers, prohibition and permission, holidays and festivals, morality, thought, customs and more. The questions and answers are based on halachic sources from the Gemara, the Shu'a, the ruling scholars and the great teachers of our generation. The site allows users to ask questions anonymously or on behalf of the user, receive quick and accurate answers, post comments and criticisms, share the questions and answers on social networks, and search for questions on certain topics, from a database The vast number of questions on the site. The Shachiha site is a practical, interesting, enriching site that connects the study of Halacha with the practical implementation of Halacha in the living world.

This website offers a treasure trove of a wide variety of questions and answers in the field of Halacha, intended for all those interested in deepening their knowledge and broadening their horizons on various topics. On the website you can find questions at different levels, from basic to advanced, in areas such as halacha and legend, thought and leadership, issues and thought. The questions are interesting, thought-provoking and based on sources from Mamkar and Mishnah and Talmud, Halacha and Agada, the first and the last. The questions are accompanied by clear, precise and comprehensive answers, which bring out the different opinions in Halacha and explain the reasons for them. The site is a treasure of halachic questions for those who want to learn, research and get rich.

The author is Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver, Mabarchi including Chazon Chazon Ish, and the author of books in the fields of Halacha, issues and midrash and about Rambam, including the series of Shu'at with Segula which is divided into seven parts, as well as the series of commentaries on the midrashim printed in nine volumes, which was published in a luxurious edition and special by the Zichron Aharon Institute and distributed all over the world in Israel and in the diaspora, as well as a book with a virtue about the Shas, a Passover sacrifice about Rambam, Orach Chachamis, and more.

The approvals of the great Israelis of our generation on Rabbi Silver's books, among those who agree with his books are Maran Rabbi Haim Kanievsky Zatzukal, and Maran Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch Shalita, among those who agree with his books, were printed in published books, as well as in book repositories, such as Otsar Hachachama, Hebrew Box, Torat Emet, and more.

The site is operated with advanced technologies for receiving questions from site surfers and sending answers to the site without the need for the Internet.

To contact and obtain the author's books, you can call: 052-7155041