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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A tea extract that has already lost its taste and you can no longer use it to give flavor to a drink, can it be used for tithing on other tea extracts

If it has lost its taste aa to tithe it at all, and as for whether it is obligatory to tithe and what is the ruling if it has the sanctity of a donation when it was used but it has not yet lost its taste, in all of this the reality must be examined in this if it is used to be sown for food or only as a spice for tea and in this sowing what is it sown for.

I do not come to discuss in the body under discussion whether or not our tea extracts should be tithed on them, (on the one hand if there are AI crops in them, as well as on the other hand that they are apparently not sown for eating at all, and I. through faith, the Lord's contributions, Petu 15, 26 to ibid), but only in the matter that is being asked here by the questioner if you find it to say that one is obligated to tithe what is the ruling.

And regarding this Yaoi' in the Mishna PG Deoktzin and it was brought up in P. How do you bless a leaf on Shabbat when it is flavored in a cauldron, etc. and when it is flavored in a cauldron, there is no contribution in it, and therefore it is not possible to set aside a contribution from such a spice that was used to give flavor in the cauldron, etc. If it has already lost its flavor, which is a worse degree than just giving flavor in a cauldron [as will be explained in Yerushalmi below, and as will be explained in the above-mentioned Bahl in Deat Rishonim 33], and it is true that in Yerushalmi Rafi'a from a number of offerings that there is a division between Shabbat and the rest of the spice, A honey that changes its taste in a cauldron does not have any contribution to it, whereas with the rest of the spice it is precisely when the flavor of the spice is completely lost, but in the way that the spice has lost its taste, it does not have the sanctity of a contribution in it.

And Yaoi' in explaining the Halacha of Terumot Petu 12, which he brought from Chazon Nahum on the Mishnah in Terumot there that the Babylonian disagrees with the Jerusalemite in this and Sal that with all spices the judgment is as on Shabbat, and according to his method Afi' if they have used tea once as a custom and are already used to throwing it away no longer It will be possible to set aside a donation and tithe from it elsewhere.

And as I commented above, since the alleged tea extract in reality is not used to be seeded for eating at all, but only to give the taste of tea [and the reality of this], so apparently according to what is explained in the explanation of the Halacha there, there are no contributions and tithes at all, but in such a way that it is consumed for eating and is also seeded for eating In this the name ruled that if there is still a point left in it, it has the sanctity of a donation, and if there is no point in it at all, it is not sanctity of a donation, because of all the differences of opinion.

And it should be noted that when tea is fortified after it has already been used, that the drink must also be fortified, (and this enters into the discussion of the Hazu'a and the Geriza regarding the matter of tiring sweat in the milk of fruits and here it is not the juice of the fruit but less than that, and it is condemned by itself, and belongs a little For Sugi', he is constant and finds his measure, and there is no place for that here).

[And it should be pointed out to the body of law that it is not important for a spice that may and is used only to give flavor in a cauldron according to the above conditions. A vegetable, etc., but a spice that is made into a drink, so that the entire drink is influenced by this spice and is named after this spice, and we will not expand on the 27th of the year since it is not what is being discussed in the answer here].

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