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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What are the blessings that can be left out by the obligation of a hundred blessings and if it is possible to leave out a blessing that is not obligatory

The blessings that can be given in 18 hundred blessings are blessings that have a name and a kingdom in them, such as prayers and the blessing of the last and the last blessings and the creation and the blessings of sight.

We are reminded of the arbiters of the matter who say words of praise to complete a hundred blessings, but as I already wrote in 2000 it seems that it was said only for the welfare of Damilta, and despite the Halacha a person is not excused from blessing a hundred blessings in the name and kingdom.

A person can send out a hundred blessings to his friend only with a blessing that he is obligated to do or can bless, and the scribes discussed certain things about how to count the blessing, such as a blessing that blesses a person who comes to the Torah, that there is a side that considers him to be a messenger of the public, and in any case there is a side that can go out with it [O. "Ha Rafd 3 and Shnab Ska and Shnab C. mo Skid"], and also there is a party in Shnab [Mo Sof Skid'd] who can come out in times of need by repeating the Shatz, since the Shatz is the messenger of the public To say the repetition of the Shatz that it is an obligation imposed on the public, but in a blessing in which the AA is not obligated to spend a hundred blessings at all, and some of the latter were afraid of those who intend to go out with such a blessing as a blessing to cancel.

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