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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Stuffed animals. Is it permissible to move one's body or place on Shabbat?

Ya'oy' in Rish C. Shah and in the Mishnav there that things for which a person assigns a place and is careful not to use them for other uses are deemed to be allocated due to lack of pocket and are forbidden to move even for the purpose of his body and its place.

And these animals are a good example of the fact that a person makes sure that they do not use them for other things, for example if one of the guests or the children starts playing with it or uses it for any purpose, such as opening a can with it, surely the rabbi will not be satisfied with this and will come under a certain pressure, a "There is a definition here that is not used by other uses, and in any case it is judged as allocated due to lack of pocket.

And it was brought up in the name of the Gershaza (Shalchan Shlomo C. Shach and in agreement with the book of Shavut Yitzchak) that even a vessel whose work is for permission that they are careful not to shake it at all and set aside a place for it because of its importance as a wall clock, etc. who are afraid that it will break down is considered to be assigned because of the lack of a pocket, and it was also brought up in his name Note 9 and Shlomo Shlomo Shaykh 33 letter b) that anything that is carefully returned to its place at the end of use is considered a property for which a place is set aside and it is judged as assigned.
And I. B. S. Shah SSA, in the words of the arbitrators, there are tools intended for goods and he is careful not to use them.

And as for the one who determines a place for him, there was room to discuss and argue that he determines a place for him only when he fears that he will be damaged in the act of shaking and moving from the place. In moving it and shaking it, and it is very clear that in museums etc. there are clear rules as to who is allowed to shake and move these precious things, and therefore according to 27 it is almost certain that the judgment of this vessel is assigned due to lack of pocket.

And here in this discussed body we enter another question, whether a vessel that is intended for decoration has the law of a vessel that is intended for use or a vessel that is not intended for use at all, and I will discuss this in the LN in the next answer.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6911 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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