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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it allowed to draw pictures of righteous people and the holy fathers?

If his heart is pierced, he will write a declaration of opinion that it is not appropriate to draw the shape of the ancestors, but to make an allegorical drawing to bring things closer to the mind [see the introduction to the MoN] and that is enough.

Sources: In many generations the paintings of the holy fathers were printed in books, although it is not possible to bring evidence from book printers, as is known, and also from the printers of the books of the great generations of their time, Delo Mr. Bar Rabbi Ashi Hatim Aleah, but in this regard it really seems consistently that they did not use to be so careful about this over the generations, Although there are those who have challenged this custom, and I. in the book Mishna Halkhot 19 Keys who wrote an endorsement of this custom from the translation of the Second Esther and wrote to extol it, and in all respects it should be noted that there is no fence of prohibition from the apparent law, and in a way that says a declaration of opinion that there is no intention here To paint the ancestors is nothing more than a parable in Alma Lait Len Beit Michosh Klal, and beautifully they did with strength and grandeur that they brought at length all the words of the Zohar in the matter of the story from Dauriita at the beginning of the pictures they made.

And in the above-mentioned Shinnah, he brought as an example the opinion of the parties according to the words of the Hatas 6, 6, and I looked inside and saw the main judgment there from the side of the form of Tselem Midin you shall not mess with me, and rather sided there within the parties Debmsha and Aharon a little more than just Tselem Kion Damokha As for the fact that they were not done to the GZ, the GZ what he wrote in the 27th, and the GZ that discussed the matter of whether it would be useful to flog and cut off the nose, etc., there is a side note that in the US there is a fear of an explosion GZ on all sides, and GZ in Nid D. The entire image is only on the computer and is not noticeable at all, and already on the computer there are those who have lost weight in the law of photographers and I will not go into this issue here.
And surely it does not belong to discuss about falsification and amputation if his claim is that we are not allowed to draw the ancestors.

And by the way, it should be noted that the HTAS discussed this and other Shovat books that I saw through my studies, and from what some Shovat books did not discuss the right and the left, except for the matter of the prohibition "You shall not do business with me", which means that they did not see a flaw in the actual drawing of Moshe and Aharon.

And regarding what one draws with a machine, as Ketar wrote in his question, it is certainly easier this way, because others have done it to him in drawings in other religions, and who is the hazu'a who is strict with the machine between the material and the kola and learned this from Harisha's words in the Dharamban, and also the drawings What is done by a machine (AI) in our time is not even comparable to an ordinary device whose commands are direct and clear, and not to an ordinary plow that has a bit of an idea in the animal to do what it does with it, but I will tell you about it.

After all of this I found (in an article published by his sermon on the subject, and from here until the end of the answer is from there) that in the book 'The Treasure of the Wonders of the Torah' (Ki Tsha Amud 139) it was brought that he asked the Gerhak regarding what we found in old and ancient books that is drawn on the cover of the book ( Shaar Blat) paintings of Moshe Rabbino and Aharon the priest, and sometimes there are paintings of the holy fathers and prophets, is there any disrespect for the honor of the holy fathers and prophets because the paintings are fake and false, or is there no fear of disrespect.
And he replied in writing with this language: 'It is only a parable and there is no fear', Akal.

And it was brought there again (in the name of a magazine of discourses) that PA was brought before the Garchak a book with pictures at the end, and he said according to the Garchak that many years ago he saw a Bible published by an old printing press, and on the cover of the book there is a picture of Moses and his brother Aharon the priest&8230; And also of Shmuel the prophet (and he added that one of the printers who was with the country drew two Shmuels: Shmuel 1 and Shmuel 2&8230;) and added that there is also a book in his house with a similar ancient drawing.
And our Lord said: The truth is that no one - certainly not the painter - knows clearly what the faces of the sages of previous generations looked like (and it is possible that he meant that they simply do not pretend to say so, and in any case there is no concern about this, AMS), indeed, there is no prohibition to paint them if This helps learners.
But it must be remembered that this is not their true reflection.
As such, he said that he was once asked if there was a drawback to the fact that they published cartoons to make it easier for the learner, in particular when there are difficult topics of prisons or tabernacles that the drawings make it easier for the learner, and he replied that there is certainly no prohibition and rather, there is a mitzvah of the rabbis' credit in this.
And he mentioned that already in our Vilna Gemaras there are paintings in many places in the Gemara magazine, and the first of them is in Erobin, page 20, 12.

However, in the book Shmuel disagrees 17, and also according to him it is possible that if he points out to Hedia that it is only a parable for illustration and does not come to show reality there is no such concern.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 3332 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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